Sunday, January 18, 2009

Project Runway progress, Jon Cryer

So not a lot of progress has taken place, because I am a shameful, lazy procrastinator. I did, however, change my mind on design. It has evolved from a shirt with ruffles added, to a strapless top constructed completely from scrap. I'm not sure if I'm going to look adorable (which was the intent) or a little crazy when it's done. A little of both would probably work.

These were taken last night while working and watching Pretty in Pink. And I will admit that I totally had a crush on Jon Cryer in 1987. Also, has anyone else ever seen Hiding Out??? It's a sweet little story about a 30 year old man (Jon Cryer) running from the mob who has to hide out with his younger cousin, which of course means he also has to adopt a secret identity as a high school student. Ill-advised hair bleaching and statutory love ensues. AWESOME movie.

Anyway, here's some more deconstruction with some long awaited construction:

Today I'm going to try to finish the pin I have in my head. It should require minimal sewing, which will give my brain and eyes a rest. I might also have to journey to Hollywood Video (sign up for their MVP Program, seriously- we figured out that we've rented almost $3000 worth of movies for about $200) to see if they carry Hiding Out. I've got a taste for underage lovin' and crazy skunk striped hair.


  1. Hiding Out is a great movie. Who knew Jon Cryer would make a great stock broker and a convincing high schooler in the same movie? I can't remember why he was running, though. Does he end up befriending the janitor or am I thinking of The Breakfast Club?

  2. I believe he meets the janitor while rollerskating around the school during the night. And of course it's some old black dude who loves doling out wisdom and other such things.

  3. These blogs don't write themselves, you know.