Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's 200nine, resolutions and new projects


So I can honestly say that 2009 was the best New Years Eve I've had in a long time. Why, you ask? Because Marc and I sat around in our jammies, watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, saw the ball drop and went to bed at 12:30. I freaking loved it! Not a drop of alcohol, no loud music, no driving with all the drunks or
sleeping on a floor... just jammies, a movie and sleeping in my own bed. Bonus: no hangover on New Years Day. I don't think I've felt that good on January 1st in 10 years! I highly recommend trying it. It does work better if you're not alone- that might be a little depressing- but if you can arrange any variety of low key sleepover, it's great.


I typically don't make resolutions because I assume I'm not going to accomplish them because I'm fairly lazy. But this year I've made one great resolution: to do my best at whatever it is I'm doing. It's pretty broad and all-encompassing, but that's why I like it. Just one resolution to affect everything. Convenient! So far I've been sticking to it very well. For example, today I decided to take a nap, and I slept for, like, 2 hours. Success!

New projects

I've been making these felt cake slices which I think are thoroughly rad. They are sized to fit together to make an 8 piece cake and to fit on a standard cake plate. That's how they are going to be displayed at my next craft show. I'm making all different flavors too. So far I've got the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting in the photo, red velvet cake with vanilla frosting and white cake with strawberry frosting. Once they are all photographed (better than the impromptu photo I used for this post) they will be for sale on my Etsy page: Sarah Kladzyk Designs. Buy one! I'm also planning a foray into other felt baked goods like cupcakes, tarts, pies and cheesecake. I've also had a hankering for some felt bacon, so we'll see how that turns out.

Happy New Year!


  1. Sarah, I'm glad that you have a blogspot blog now. I'm thinking of making a new separate one for my food writings but i might keep that secret for a while. I have some ideas for some crafting that I might want to lay out for you and see what you think. Let's say the brand name might be The Spice Of Life. It involves taxidermy. And skulls.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy taxidermy and skulls. I think I might have it in me to perform taxidermy, although I don't have it in me to kill an animal with the simple goal of performing taxidermy. Therein lies my dilemma. But if I ever had to fight a weasel to the death, I would totally stuff it and display it in my living room.

    And speaking of skulls, I think you might enjoy this site:

    Madame Talbots Victorian Lowbrow

    Check out the Curio Exhibits first.