Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old drawings of naked people.

Inspired by the sketchbook I found (see post below), I decided to pull out my old drawings and document some of them. Most are charcoal, conte crayon or pencil on newsprint or 80lb drawing paper. These date from 1998 through 2003. I sort of gave up drawing after I left WMU. I've just promised myself to start again. Enjoy!

Warning: There's lots of nakedness heading your way.

ALSO, these are all Copyright © 2009 Sarah Kladzyk. If you steal them, I'll steal your soul. And all your money.

Moving, packing, finding.

So I've been slowly going through all of my possessions and packing for my move home. Yesterday I opened up a box with some stuff from college and other random things that I can only assume I thought I would need or want, and haven't even looked at in the 3 years I've lived in this apartment. There was some fun stuff in there though.

Old sketchbook and manuscript from the book I designed the cover for as an intern.

The only piece of my beloved old car that I still have.

Yes. In one box I packed sketchbooks, manuscripts, address books, rubber duckies, Pez dispensers, old microscope slides and about 50 old floppy disks. In my brain these things needed to stay together.
Notice Boba Fett is in there.

Kindergarten was beary nice. Thanks Mrs. Doobie! (Actual kindergarten teacher's name)

This is my lucky brook trout lighter from college. I used this lighter for a solid 2 years before it finally ran out of fluid. Don't ask me how it lasted so long. Jessica W. S. will remember how faithfully this lighter served us.

I just flipped through that old sketchbook and realized that I need to start drawing again. I was pretty good.

The photo of this page didn't come out very good, but you get the idea. I love drawing portraits. Feels like pencil and conte crayon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why have I already begun planning for Halloween?

Because Halloween is freakin' sweet, that's why. I've been in a Halloweeny mood lately, so I started working on an old project that I had set aside a couple years ago. It's a large, handmade paper pulp skull with bugged out eyes that had only gotten as far as some sanding and a couple coats of gesso. It was so lonely and really needed some love. So I put on Hocus Pocus (don't judge) and set about making a super rad Halloween skull. With a clown hat. Observe:

He's not completely assembled yet. I think he might need a ruffly collar before he'll be finished. His silver tooth was inspired by Mickey Rourke. Cause Mickey Rourke is all kinds of awesome. And not a little Halloweeny himself.