Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michigan Winter Survival

This is how cold it is in Michigan:

Technically, according to, it's 7 degrees but feels like -9. That's ice and frost on the inside of my window. With a suction cup left over from Christmas Deconstruction. The paint is even starting to peel off the windowsill. Here's another fun shot from paradise:

More ice in the corner where the window meets the moulding. Mmmm toasty! On a side note, there is a squirrel that likes to hang out on the bush right outside of our living room window. I say "on the bush" because he literally sits on top of the bush and eats whatever it is that squirrels eat. Nuts, berries, garbage, I don't really know. He's awesome. I wanted to get a shot of him perched on the bush but alas- I think he's hiding somewhere trying not to ice over.

Anyway, this windowsill needs to be prettied up.

Better. Those containers, by the way, are from jar candles. I never want to throw the jars away after the candles are gone so I stick them in the freezer to harden whatever wax is left, then scrape them out and wash them in the dishwasher. They're perfect for buttons, embroidery floss, disco ball ornaments and small plastic animals. Easy recycling rules.

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  1. Those jars are also good for real animals, used feminine hygiene products, old sweatsock storage, spit collection, and jam storage.