Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why have I already begun planning for Halloween?

Because Halloween is freakin' sweet, that's why. I've been in a Halloweeny mood lately, so I started working on an old project that I had set aside a couple years ago. It's a large, handmade paper pulp skull with bugged out eyes that had only gotten as far as some sanding and a couple coats of gesso. It was so lonely and really needed some love. So I put on Hocus Pocus (don't judge) and set about making a super rad Halloween skull. With a clown hat. Observe:

He's not completely assembled yet. I think he might need a ruffly collar before he'll be finished. His silver tooth was inspired by Mickey Rourke. Cause Mickey Rourke is all kinds of awesome. And not a little Halloweeny himself.

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