Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I've discovered the source of the problem and inspiration where I never thought to look.

Maybe this is why I can never find anything.

I've decided I can't choose one favorite color. It would alienate the others.


  1. Organization is only necessary if you don't live alone. When I lived alone I would let everything pile up and still know exactly where everything was. I credit this to my photographic, albeit spottily photographic, memory. The visual orientation part of it still works, but sometimes I remember chunks of detailed information and think that it happened that morning or the day before and it turns out that it happened a month ago.

    Tell Marc that, with regard to his question, Kid and Play would kick both of those sorry Kriss Kross motherfuckers right in their sorry penises.

  2. I have a very selective memory. Let's say I'm looking for a specific tube of paint for a project. I won't remember where I put the paint but I'll remember the cashier's name who rang me up when I bought it because I happened to glance at their nametag. It really doesn't help me at all in everyday life.

    And I will let Marc know that Kriss Kross would get kicked in their sorry penises.